rays new unis

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    Shooting Stars ‘cause we’re on the way up!

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    Ody girls

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    Favorite sports bra 😍💫🌟✨

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  4. I still need help with getting the tick tock to hit without coming down a bit before being pushed back up I just can’t get a grip on her toe. ugh helppp :(

  5. I wanna post a picture of my cheer uniform but at the same time eh

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    she’s gonna look perfect on bsb

    who is this

    isn’t it the girl from DD invincible?

    oh wait ik her thats tacy she was like omg i wanna be friends and stuff and i was like why she like i love omni and ur so funny. it was cute

    i heard that her coach made her delete her instagram that had like 72k because she was obsessed with being famous but i don’t really think it’s true

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    first gif with photoshop :)

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